Affected services:

  • DeployHQ

Slow connections to GitHub-hosted repositories

Opened on Tuesday 9th November 2021, last updated

Resolved — No further issues have been detected or reported, we are happy that this is now resolved.

Posted by Adam West

Monitoring — We have seen improvements in connection times overnight to GitHub, and longer Git operations look to be completing in a much more timely manner. We will continue to monitor and provide further updates once we have them.

Posted by Adam West

Investigating — We're aware of an issue with slow upstream connections to GitHub repositories from our UK network. This is primarily affecting longer operations such as reaching repositories, and some larger build tasks (such as Composer) that connect to GitHub as well. These tasks are taking longer than normally expected. For any customers with GitHub projects hosted in the UK currently, you should be able to mitigate this by updating the Zone to US East or West, documentation for this can be found at We will provide further updates on this status as soon as we have them.

Posted by Adam West