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18th January 2019
Live chat Unavailability (14 hours ago)

We are currently aware of an outage of our live chat platform Natterly and are working on a resolution for it as soon as possible and will post any updates we have here.

EDIT 4:26AM; This is now resolved and live chat functionality is back available and online.

17th January 2019

No incidents reported

16th January 2019
Archimedes Abnormal Performance (2 days ago)

We are currently investigating reports of abnormal performance and high loads on Archimedes which will be causing slowness and timeouts for users on this server. We apologise for any disruption caused and updates will be provided shortly.

Update 10:38AM - The issue has been pinned down to MySQL however due to the nature of the data handled by this service we are taking care to ensure full service is resumed safely. Again we apologise for the disruption this may cause however we will continue to work as quickly as is safe to restore service performance.

Update 11:23AM - Performance will now be seeing a marked improvement however we are still not happy this is fully resolved so we will continue to investigate until we are confident the server is 100% in terms of performance.

Update 12:28PM - The server has now been rebooted to complete a range of fixes that have been implemented onto the server and also onto the MySQL instance to prevent similar problems in future. We are happy that the server has been running well since the reboot as such we are marking this as resolved but we will be monitoring the server closely.

15th January 2019

No incidents reported

14th January 2019

No incidents reported

13th January 2019

No incidents reported

12th January 2019
Patagonia Outage (6 days ago)

We are investigating an outage currently being experienced on Patagonia at the moment which will be causing issues for all sites on this server. We are working as quickly as possible to resolve this outage but we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Update 12:20PM - This has now been resolved and the server is back online. We are investigating the cause of the outage at the moment but again we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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