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24th June 2018

No incidents reported

23rd June 2018
Haumea Outage (1 day ago)

We are experiencing issues with Haumea at the moment which has resulted in a reboot of the server being issued. This should take around 5-10 minutes to complete however we will update this status once the server is back online.

Update: This has now been resolved and the server is back online.

22nd June 2018
Virgin Media Connectivity (2 days ago)

We are receiving reports that users with Virgin Media connections are unable to access any of our services. Upon investigation it appears that users with a Virgin Media IP address under the 94.173. subnet (most likely - are currently experiencing this issue. We have confirmed this is not due to a technical fault on our side, instead it appears to be a routing issue with Virgin Media. As such we recommend any affected user who has an IP address in this subnet with Virgin Media should contact them to report the issue.

You can confirm your IP address by visiting the website to check if you are in the affected subnet, however, confirmation of this will be that you won't be able to access both our website or any services you have with us. We will provide updates as soon as we have any further details.

Update: We believe this issue is now resolved.

21st June 2018

No incidents reported

20th June 2018

No incidents reported

19th June 2018

No incidents reported

18th June 2018

No incidents reported

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