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19th October 2017

No incidents reported

18th October 2017
Aphrodite Abnormal Performance (14 hours ago)

We are currently investigating an issue with Aphrodite which is affecting web services so users may experience intermittent accessibility to websites on this server. We are working on this as quickly as possible and will provide further updates shortly.

Update 5:10PM Services should now be restored and Aphrodite is now responding as expected. Apologies for any disruption caused.

17th October 2017

No incidents reported

16th October 2017
Pluto Performance Issues (2 days ago)

[21.16] Some users may be experiencing some performance issues on the Pluto server, we're currently investigating this and hope to provide an update shortly.

[21.41] We're currently still working on this and hope to have the server fully operational again soon.

[21:57] We have found the root cause for the issue with Pluto and should have the services restored shortly.

[22:01] We have resolved the service issues with Pluto and normal service has now been restored. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

15th October 2017

No incidents reported

14th October 2017

No incidents reported

13th October 2017

No incidents reported

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