Problems with Ares & Ceres (Resolved)

At around 23:40 we became aware of an issue on Ares.

23:51 Rebooting the machine highlighted it was of a more serious nature. 3 Techs are currently investigating.

01:21 There seems to be some damage to the operating system, possibly as a result of the reboot.

02:27 Ceres, another server, has also started showing the the same symptoms and we believe that a buggy update of critical software has caused the issue. We’re in talks with the relevant suppliers.

04:07 The update seems to have erroneously altered permissions on a number of critical files. An engineer is currently manually checking and restoring them

05:18 Both machines are now back up!

It is of course our aim to get these servers back up and running as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

2 thoughts on “Problems with Ares & Ceres (Resolved)

  1. Rup says:

    Any ETA?

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