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Scheduled Maintenance
Billing/Support Portal Scheduled Maintenance - Tuesday 20th November 2018 23:30:00

Starting at 23:30 on Tuesday 20th November we will be upgrading the systems hosting our billing/support portal and public website. During the maintenance window clients will be unable to access both the client area and our website. This maintenance will not cause any disruption to user websites and will completed as quickly as possible.

Sahara Scheduled Maintenance - Thursday 22nd November 2018 23:30:00

On the evening of the 23rd of November we will be carrying out maintenance on our Sahara server which will unfortunately involve a short outage of service. This maintenance will involve a relocation of the system's physical hardware as part of our continued efforts to improve our service and will see the server relocated to our 100% green-powered Netwise House facility. The "at-risk" window for this migration is between 11:30pm on the evening of the 22nd and 3am on the morning of the 23rd, however within this window we expect service to be unavailable for less than 60 minutes.

During the outage period all web, database and email access to your service will be unavailable, however inbound emails sent to you during the outage will be queued at our anti-spam filters for delivery once the relocation has completed. Apologies for the disruption caused by this. If this is going to adversely affect you in anyway then please reach out to our support team and we can look to relocate your service to another machine.

3rd November 2018

No incidents reported

2nd November 2018

No incidents reported

1st November 2018

No incidents reported

31st October 2018

No incidents reported

30th October 2018

No incidents reported

29th October 2018
Intermittent connectivity issues for our site and Client Area - client sites are unaffected (2 weeks ago)

We're aware of an intermittent connectivity issue to our site and Client Area at present, we're investigating the issue and hope to have it resolved shortly.

Please note this only affects our own site and Client Area, client sites themselves are completely unaffected by this issue.

UPDATE 11:00 - this issue has now been resolved, the site and Client Area are now available again.

28th October 2018

No incidents reported

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