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25th June 2019

No incidents reported

24th June 2019
Network Routing Issues (4 months ago)

We have identified a network routing issue outside of our network which appears to be affecting networking routing for a number of internet service providers in the country. This is affecting accessibility to services globally and is not limited to our network at this time as such all our services remain online and accessible for users unaffected by the routing issues.

We recommend contacting your internet provider to ensure they are aware of the issue however as above the issue remains outside of our network at this time.

Update @ 2:10PM - We've received confirmation the issue is now resolved, more information regarding the issue can be found on cloudflare's status page:

23rd June 2019

No incidents reported

22nd June 2019

No incidents reported

21st June 2019

No incidents reported

20th June 2019

No incidents reported

19th June 2019
Blue Earth - Email Issues (5 months ago)

Customers using the Blue Earth platform may currently be noticing issues with their email functionality.

This is currently being investigated and we hope to provide an update shortly.

11:42 - We believe this issue to now be resolved. We will monitor for further issues.

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