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2nd February 2020

No incidents reported

1st February 2020

No incidents reported

31st January 2020

No incidents reported

30th January 2020
Ceres Abnormal Performance (3 weeks ago)

We are investigating reports of abnormal performance with the reseller server Ceres, further updated will be provided as soon as possible.

Apologies for any disruption caused.

Update @ 10:19AM - The server is now back online.

Microsoft email bouncebacks (3 weeks ago)

We're in touch with Microsoft regarding bounceback messages showing 'temporarily rate limited due to IP reputation', for emails sent from users on our Cobalt ( server to Microsoft-hosted mailboxes, such as and

We don't currently have an ETA but will keep this status updated. Apologies for the inconvenience.

29th January 2020
MySQL Performance (3 weeks ago)

[15:12] We are currently aware of some MySQL performance issues on the Orcus server and are currently investigating this, updates to follow

Update @ 15:17 - The issue is now resolved. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Visor 2 Outage (3 weeks ago)

We are seeing an outage on one of our OnApp hypervisors as such users on this node will be experiencing an outage. We are working to restore services and the failover process has started.

Further updates will be provided shortly however we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Update @ 10:20AM - All machines on the hypervisor have been migrated over to other nodes as part of the failover process and we are investigating the cause of the outage further. Any users continuing to experience issues with their VPS after the outage should contact our support team.

Apologies for any disruption and inconvenience caused.

28th January 2020
Ceres Outage (3 weeks ago)

We are currently investigating an outage with Ceres, all services are INACCESSIBLE except for DNS, we will post an update with more information shortly.

  • Services impacted: FTP, HTTP, EMAILS, MYSQL & SSH

  • What is not impacted? DNS

  • Impact: Major outage

Update 05:06 AM: All services should now be back online, monitoring will continue to ensure stability.

27th January 2020
Sodium Outage (3 weeks ago)

We are investigating the outage currently occurring with the server Sodium. We will provide further updates shortly.

Update @ 3:22PM - It appears a system lockup has occurred as such a reboot is in progress to bring the system back online. Further updates will be provided shortly however we apologise for the disruption caused.

Update @ 3:28PM - The server is now back online and further investigations are taking place to locate the cause of the system lockup.

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