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17th September 2020

No incidents reported

16th September 2020
Installatron/Softaculous Backup Connectivity (1 week ago)

[9th September 2020] We're currently experiencing connectivity issues between Installatron and Softaculous services across our entire fleet and our backup servers. Rest assured your data is being backed up safely and securely via. JetBackup through these times, however you may experience notices of backup failures if you have them configured through Installatron or Softaculous.

[14th September 2020] Unfortunately, we are continuing to experience problems with our Installatron and Softaculous backup services. Due to the volume of data involved, any action or diagnostics steps we initiate take a very considerable amount of time to run. We are hopeful to have a definitive reason late tonight and after this, will put in place a fix. We will provide a further update this evening.

[15th September 2020] We are continuing to work on resolving this issue as quickly as possible. Unfortunately we don't have any further details to provide however we'll be sure to update this status page as we progress through resolving the issue.

[17th September 2020] We have now rebuilt the backup platform for Installatron and Softaculus. We are in the process of re-setting up individual accounts and hope to have this completed today. Thank you for your patience.

[18th September 2020] The issue with this backup platform has now been resolved. As a note, this is a secondary backup platform used by the package installer tools Installatron and Softaculus. All accounts are still backed up daily or 4 hourly if one of our 'business' accounts. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Victoria Outage (1 week ago)

[0130] We are currently investigating an issue with one of the disks in the RAID array for the server and as a precaution, we have remotely powered down the server while an onsite technician swaps the drive. We will update this incident when the swap has been completed.

[0200] The drive has been replaced and the RAID array is rebuilding.

[0600] The RAID array has completed rebuilding.

15th September 2020

No incidents reported

14th September 2020
Iron Outage (1 week ago)

Update: 21:51 We are aware of a connectivity issue to our Iron server, we are actively investigating this issue. We will report back with further details shortly, we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Update: 22:39 This has now been fixed and we will monitor Iron for stability and performance issues.

Arthur MySQL outage (1 week ago)

We're currently investigating an issue with MySQL on the server and will provide an update as soon as possible.

Edit: 11:55: This has since been resolved. There was an issue with MySQL hanging and some subsequent DB corruption. A MySQL repair has completed and the service is fully online.

13th September 2020

No incidents reported

12th September 2020

No incidents reported

11th September 2020

No incidents reported

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