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Nominet Notification Email 1 year ago

Customers may be receiving the email below from Nominet. This is a legitimate email and is in regard to the '.uk' domain reservations which are due to expire soon.

Your / & domains are not affected by this and it is simply a reminder that you have the .uk domain reserved for you until 25th June 2019, should you wish to purchase.

The rights to the equivalent .uk domains, e.g., were automatically reserved for you as part of the launch process in 2014. According to our records you have not taken up your rights and the deadline to do so is less than two weeks away: 06:00 BST (UTC +1) on 25 June 2019.

Following this date, the domain(s) will be made available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

If you would like to register your reserved .uk, contact Krystal Hosting Ltd, your current registrar as a matter of urgency.

If you have recently transferred your names, or do not wish to register the .uk equivalents then no action is needed.

Further background information and a tool to check your entitlement for yourself is available on our website.


Nick Wenban-Smith General Counsel

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